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Chewing Toothbrush

‚bhewing Type Toothbrush

Introducing, the first toothbrush that can clean childrenfs teeth just by chewing!

With simple chewing activity, teeth can be cleaned both front and back by uniquely designed brush-lined grooves.

This exceptional toothbrush was invented by a dentist to make tooth-brushing easier, cleaner, safer, more comfortable and principally more fun than brushing teeth with a conventional toothbrush. The toothbrush may be used in an up and down or left to right motion, and can alsoc Even the hard-to-brush areas within the mouth are easy to clean with this exclusive toothbrush. Children can use the toothbrush all by themselves!

The toothbrush is made from durable silicon and is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. The toothbrush can by sanitized by immersing it in boiling water or keeping it in the freezer.

The Chewing Type Toothbrush may alternatively be used as a teething ring to relieve a babyfs teething pain. Dentists may also select this product to use as a fluoride applicator.

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